The Does



GC Briony’s Luxury

(GC Briony’s Bing x Knieling’s Albany) – 15 ARBA Legs

Luxury doesn’t have the roundest head, but everything behind is pretty spectacular!  She was BOB and 2nd RIS at the 2011 KSRBA Convention (third year in a row that I’ve had a Dutch in the top 3!) and placed 6th of 95 Black Jr. Does at the 2011 ARBA Convention.  She’s since picked up 4 more BOB and a BOS.  Bing sired her at 7 1/2, so there goes the theory that old rabbits can’t produce anything good!


Briony’s Pirouette

(Knieling’s Rockstar x GC Briony’s Rocks Off)

Pirouette is a beautiful, compact doe with a great rear end!  She has a few marking flaws that kept her placing behind So Divine, but she did place 7th of 61 Black JD at the 2014 NDS.  She became a brood doe shortly thereafter at Jimmy’s departure.


  GC Briony’s Caroline

(Hawkeye’s Eyecatcher x GC Briony’s Factory Girl) – 4 ARBA Legs

Caroline is a very well-balanced doe with a solid body, round head, and great bone.  She started her show career with a bang, winning BOB and 2nd RIS at the Kansas State Convention at 3 1/2 months of age!  She placed 9/37 as a junior at the 2010 ARBA Convention and 6/34 as a senior at the 2011 NDS.  Throughout spring 2011 she has usually finished second to Merry.   She is the dam of BIS winner Stray Cat.

 GC Briony’s Merry

(GC Briony’s Midnight Rambler x GC Kathy’s K49) – 7 ARBA Legs

Merry has been my spring 2011 superstar!  She’s got a gorgeous, deep, round body and a super-slick coat.  She made her debut as a 3 1/2 month old at the 2010 ARBA Convention where she placed 3rd of 37 Blue Jr. Does.  She followed that up two weeks later with her first BIS win in Texas.  She started the 2011 season by winning a large and very competitive specialty show in New Mexico in January against at least 3 other rabbits with multiple BIS wins.  She followed that up with two more BIS in February (in Kansas and Missouri), and a RIS in Kansas in March.  Next was the 2011 National Dutch Show where she won Best of Variety, Best Fur Overall, and was second in voting for Best of Breed!  Her first litter was born in early June, and by August she was back on the table, picking up a Best 4 Class win.  She has gone on to produce many winning offspring, including double BIS winner Briony’s Coke & Sympathy.

Knieling’s Siren

(Knieling’s Satisfaction x HRR L811)

Siren is a deep, short bodied doe.  Gene sold her at the 2011 NDS where she placed second to cousin Merry.  I ended up with her this fall (lucky me!).  Her sire, Satisfaction, was BOSV Blue at the 2010 NDS.  He is a son of Briony’s Storm (Best Fur 2009 NDS) and grandson of Briony’s Midnight Rambler (BOSV 2008 ARBA Convention).  She is the dam of the 2014 NDS BOS, Briony’s Mr. Jimmy.

FandangoGC Briony’s Fandango

(GC Doc’s Sender x Briony’s Anita) – 4 ARBA Legs

Fandango is another pretty little doe out of Sender and a Midnight daughter.  She placed in the top 10 as a young junior doe at the 2012 ARBA Convention and followed that with a BIS win that November.

Stray CatGC Briony’s Stray Cat

(GC B&J’s Stroke of Midnight x GC Briony’s Caroline) – 9 ARBA Legs

Stray Cat is a pretty, compact doe who is full to the table and has a gorgeous coat of fur!  At one of her first shows she took Best in Show, and followed that up with two RIS wins and a BOB in an entry of around 100 at a show in Iowa.  She never made a National due to my judging in Harrisburg, and is now a brood doe with a very promising first litter!


Briony’s Ava

(Hawkeye’s Charmer x Dutch by Design’s HSD43)

This doe has her dam’s bright, clean color but is more compact and round in body.  Ava has made her mark as a dam, producing 2012 ARBA Convention BOV Errol and GC McQueen.  Her offspring have also produced numerous winners for others!

*All rabbits have 4 legs, right?!?  Yes, they do: 4 to hop on and we hope many to be proud of!  A GC Leg is a show win that qualifies as a “leg” towards a rabbit’s Grand Champion certificate.  In order to become a Grand Champion, a Dutch must be registered and win at least 3 legs.  These legs must be under at least 2 different judges and at least one must be won as a senior.


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