The Bucks


GC Briony’s Bing

(Lehmann’s Phillip x Tommy D’s Cherry) – 8 GC Legs*

1 BIS, 1 Best 4 Class

Bing is my favorite rabbit.  He is my first home-bred BIS winner and his short but impressive show career included several BOB’s and a Best 4 Class.  Bing was one of my two fire survivors, and my foundation sire, and it’s hard to overstate his impact on my herd.  He has (even at his age!) a slick, dense, lustrous coat and can prime easily and hold it for months.  The “Bing Fur” has become a consistent trait in his descendants, particularly through Midnight.  He has sired National winners (Best Sr. Black and BOSV Blue at the 2008 ARBA Convention) and multiple Best in Show and Best of Breed winners at local shows.  The next generation has also been very successful; he is the grandsire of the 2011 NDS BOV Blue and the Fur Class winners from the 2009, 2011 and 2012 shows.   Besides the does, the great loves of his life are bananas and head rubs.  At 10 years of age, he’s no longer producing but living out his life in luxury!

Notable Offspring

  • GC Briony’s Tumbling Dice, 1st Black SD and Best Sr. Black, 2008 ARBA Convention
  • GC Briony’s Midnight Rambler, 1st Blue SB and BOSV Blue, 2008 ARBA Convention
  • GC Briony’s Jagger, 4x BIS winner. 2010
  • GC Briony’s Luxury, RIS winner, 2011

Bing’s photo is the image used on Wikipedia and often comes up in Google searches.  Please note that this image is my property, and may not be used without my permission – and you will never be given permission to use it to advertise your own rabbits!

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BrickGC Lehmann’s Brick

(Lehmann’s B175 x Briony’s Summer Sun) – 3 ARBA Legs

Brick’s dam is a Jagger/Merry daughter given to Rick, and after losing Jagger, Rick gave me a grandson.  He’s a very well-balanced, massive buck with the best traits from both lines.

GregoryBZ Farms Gregory

(GC Lehmann’s Brick x BZ Farms Loretta Lynn)

2nd Black SB, 2014 National Dutch Show

Youth breeder Tyler Zachare raised Dutch for a while, and last February sent some does home with me from a show to be bred.  A few months later he decided to cut back on breeds in order to focus on college, and let me pick from his herd.  In there was this guy from one of the February breedings.  His dam goes back to my lines, so he made a perfect addition!  He’s been shown very little, but placed 2nd of 61 Black Sr. Bucks at the 2014 National Dutch Show.



midnightsmGC Briony’s Midnight Rambler

 (GC Briony’s Bing x Briony’s Sweet Virginia) – 8 GC Legs

BOSV Blue, 2008 ARBA Convention, 2x RIS winner

Midnight is a buck who I’m really fond of.  He’s well marked with a ton of depth, thick bone and a great head.  He had an incredible show career, after success at local shows, including two RIS wins,  he was bumped up to a senior at the 2008 ARBA Convention and went on to win BOSV Blue!  He was also the Ladies Choice winner at the 2009 National Dutch Show where he placed 2nd in the senior buck class.  He was retired after this show, largely due to his antics upon not winning!  Midnight rivals his sire in his ability to produce top-notch Dutch.  He consistently produces his type and some of the densest, most lustrous Dutch fur you’ll see.  His offspring have won Best Fur at 3 of the last 4 National Dutch Shows – every National in which they’ve been entered!  Midnight’s descendants have been tough competitors on both the local and national levels.  He sired the BOV Blue at the 2011 NDS (Merry) and the Best Sr. Blue at the 2011 ARBA Convention (Rider).  He is also the grandsire of Knieling’s Satisfaction, the 2010 NDS BOSV Blue.

Notable Offspring

  • GC Briony’s Storm, Best Fur 2009 National Dutch Show, Gene Knieling’s herd sire
  • GC Briony’s Merry, 1st Blue SD, BOV Blue and Best Fur, 2011 National Dutch Show, 3x BIS winner
  • GC Briony’s Rider, 1st Blue SB and Best Sr. Blue, 2011 ARBA Convention
  • GC Briony’s Jaded, Best Fur 2012 National Dutch Show


RockstarKnieling’s Rockstar 

(Knieling’s K24B x Knieling’s KSK4)

1st Blue JB, 2012 National Dutch Show

Rockstar was bred by Gene Knieling of Oregon, and comes from a line of top-notch bucks.  He is linebred back to Midnight on both the sire and dam sides.  He is also descended from Knieling’s Satisfaction, BOSV Blue at the 2010 NDS.  Rockstar himself was 1st Blue Jr. Buck at the 2012 NDS, but has made an even bigger mark as a herd buck.  Before leaving Oregon, he sired several litters for Gene.  Rockstar is hard to photograph due to his outgoing personality, but is a very exciting addition to the herd!

Notable Offspring

  • Knieling’s Off of My Cloud, BOB 2013 National Dutch Show, 2013 ADRC Rabbit of the Year

StrokeGC B&J’s Stroke of Midnight

(GC Briony’s Midnight Rambler x Showalter’s Sophie) – 6 ARBA Legs

Stroke is a buck I raised in late 2009 (born on New Year’s Eve, hence the name) in partnership with a youth breeder who owned his dam.  I used him a bit then sold him to a friend who was building a herd.  He came back to me in late 2012 and since then, has had quite an impact on my herd.  His offspring have already won a total of 3 BIS, 3 RIS and 1 Best 4 Class along with the 2014 NDS BOS.  Stroke has a combination of depth and bone that’s hard to find, and I’m glad to have him back!

Notable Offspring

  • GC Briony’s Stray Cat, 1 BIS and 2 RIS, 2013
  • GC Briony’s Mr. Jimmy, BOS, BOV Blue and Best Sr. All Colors, 2014 National Dutch Show, 1 BIS, 1 RIS, 1 B4C
  • GC Briony’s Chelsea, BIS winner



GC Knieling’s Surprise

(GC Briony’s Storm x Knieling’s K3XKSP) – 3 GC Legs

It was no surprise that Storm carried tort, but it was a surprise that his dam did!  I couldn’t stay away from Torts for long, and this guy is going to start me in the variety again.  He’s got a short, deep body along with a great head and thick bone; basically a tort version of our blacks and blues.  He was 2nd Tort JB at the 2010 National Dutch Show.  He’s all boy and doesn’t sit still for long!


  GC Knieling’s Tortuga
(Tri R William x Knieling’s K15T) – 8 ARBA Legs

Tortuga’s dam came to me from Gene at NDS as a bred doe.  He’s short and round and has excellent flesh condition and besides full neck and a very small drag off of one cheek, well marked.  He’s done well on the show tables, taking numerous local BOB and BOS wins and has twice placed in the top 10 at National shows.  He’s gotten darker as he’s matured, but he’s producing some nice litters with bright, clean does!



ErrolGC Briony’s Errol

(Wood’s 24-K x Briony’s Ava) – 11 ARBA Legs

BOV 2012 ARBA Convention, 2x RIS winner

Errol may be the best Tort I’ve ever raised.  He’s mostly retired from showing but makes an appearance now and then.  He’s proved a great match for darker does as he is very bright and clean over the back, and has sired some excellent rabbits in friends’ herds as well!


McQueenGC Briony’s McQueen

(GC Schwandt’s S0236 x Briony’s Ava) – 3 ARBA Legs

McQueen happened when Dakotah and I traded rabbits/breedings in the fall of 2012.  His sire has twice placed first at National shows, so I was excited to use him!  McQueen is a very solid buck who got his dam’s clean top color and sire’s shadings.  He’s got a great head and a very wide hindquarter.  Just after becoming senior he placed in the top 10 at the 2013 NDS and has continued to place well in good competition.


 *All rabbits have 4 legs, right?!?  Yes, they do: 4 to hop on and we hope many to be proud of!  A GC Leg is a show win that qualifies as a “leg” towards a rabbit’s Grand Champion certificate.  In order to become a Grand Champion, a Dutch must be registered and win at least 3 legs.  These legs must be under at least 2 different judges and at least one must be won as a senior.

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19 03 2011

Bom dia, meu nome é Solange e sou do Brasil. Adorei seu site e cada informação postada. Parabéns!
Estou começando uma criação de mini holandês de cor chocolate, gostaria muito de saber qual é o padrão dessa raça? O tamanho do coelho? O Tamanho das orelhas, enfim… você pode me ajudar? Desde ja agradeço sua atenção. Abraços desde Brasil!!! Beijos.

17 01 2013
Bayu Aditya Ristanto

nice Dutch rabbit Briony, I hope some day i have quality dutch rabbit as your’s. in Indonesia quality dutch rabbit still rare,that is one of my problem in breeding dutch,that is prolog for our friendship.excep my greetings from indonesia

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