Sales Policy

******I do not anticipate having any sale rabbits available until the National Dutch Show in Lebanon, PA in April******


I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale to anyone, at any time, for any reason.  I also reserve the right to alter this policy at my discretion, with or without updating this page.


I have a small herd and my purpose is to improve the Dutch breed by very selective breeding, as such, I am selective about what I sell.  This is a hobby for me, not a business.  I plan breedings to meet my improvement goals and to produce competitive rabbits for the fall and spring shows (especially Nationals), and not to meet demand.  I do not keep a waiting list, nor do I take orders.  If you are interested in purchasing Dutch, please keep the following in mind:

  • Email or other electronic correspondence is highly preferred.  I both work and attend school full-time, and as much as I like to talk about rabbits, it is difficult for me to find time for a long phone call. 
  • I work full-time office hours.  I can check email, however I cannot and will not answer phone calls about rabbit sales during the work day.  I cannot take time from work to meet you or deliver rabbits to you.
  • If you are unable to meet me, you must have transportation arranged before the sale.  I cannot hold rabbits for you while you find a transporter, this is something that should be worked out before committing to buy rabbits. I am not opposed to shipping, however the nearest airport is small and, depending on the time of year, may not be using aircraft that can accomodate animals.  Any shipping costs must be prepaid in full and again, I cannot take time from work to ship.
  • I accept cash or money orders for rabbits.  I do NOT accept personal checks.  Rabbits are not considered sold until payment in full has been received. 
  • I have zero interest in selling rabbits solely for the purpose of winning shows or beating someone else.  If your goal is to establish a competitive breeding program or if you’re looking to add a specific trait to your herd, I’d love to help you!  If you’re looking to buy a “ringer,” look elsewhere.  I keep my best.
  • I reserve the right to treat trading partners preferentially.  This is a relationship cultivated after years of helping each other toward the same purpose: improvement of the breed.  This is not a relationship that can be instantly built with a fat wallet.

All show and breeding rabbits come tattooed and with a full, 3 generation pedigree. 

All rabbits are guaranteed to be sold in their natural, unaltered state.  Refunds or replacements are totally at my discretion.  No refund will be given should you decide to purchase a different rabbit from a different breeder – it’s now yours to sell!



Local Shows

  • If meeting me at a show, I expect you, or whoever is picking the rabbit up, to get in touch with me in a timely manner. If another person is picking up the rabbit for you, it must either be prepaid in full or they must have the full payment in cash or a money order.  I will refuse to send a rabbit with anyone who plans to transport it in an unsafe manner, such as in a cardboard box or doubled-up with other rabbits. If this is the case, I will take the rabbit back home with me and ask you to make other arrangements to pick it up.
  • Please do not ask me to wait until after judging for you to make up your mind about the rabbit.  I will be happy to look over the animal with you, and invite another Dutch breeder to give an opinion on the rabbit.  Part of being a good breeder is being able to form your own opinion about an animal and how its strengths and weaknesses will fit in your herd.  Remember that a judge is there to give an opinion on the show qualities of the rabbit on that particular day.



 National Shows

  • Rabbits will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I do not do pre-sales or holds.  If you are interested in rabbit(s), look me up at the show.  No rabbits will be shown to potential buyers until my entire entry is cooped. 
  • The sale will be made to the first person to whom I agree to sell the rabbit, not to whoever left a note on my coop tag.  It isn’t my job to find or call you.
  • If you are using a transporter, you must give me the transporter’s name and contact information before I leave for the show.  I will not release any rabbit to a transporter that is not paid for in full.  Please make every effort to have the transporter contact me as soon as possible upon arriving at the show.
  • In order to give them the best possible chance on the show table, any rabbits entered in a National show will remain in my care until after judging is completed.  This means I will do all feeding, watering, cleaning and grooming for the rabbit.  Coops may be zip-tied or ringed to keep your new rabbit from escaping and participating in highly undesirable breedings!  After judging, feel free to assume care for your new animal, just let me know so it won’t be fed twice!



Show Quality – Rabbits sold as show quality are free of disqualifications and those I feel would make good show prospects and breeding stock.  I can’t guarantee placings or results, nor can I make any guarantee against disqualifications that arise as a result of injuries or other environmental factors.  


Breeding Quality – Rabbits sold as breeding quality are those I feel could be valuable in a breeding program, but may not fare so well on the show table.  They may be rabbits I have used for breeding who are past their show prime or they may have some marking flaws.  Some may even have disqualifications, if so, these will be pointed out to you.  I cannot guarantee the amount or quality of offspring the rabbit may produce for you, even if the rabbit is a proven producer.



Health Guarantee

I guarantee that any rabbit I sell will be, to the best of my knowledge, free of any disease or symptoms of disease at the time of sale.  I cannot guarantee the health of the rabbit after it has left my care.  I will, however, be happy to give you any advice on caring for a sick animal.  If you are in the Wichita area, I exclusively recommend Dr. Harkins at the El Dorado Animal Clinic.


One response

13 12 2011
Nancie Dobyns

I think that this is said very well and you did an excellent job. Although I am not showing and raising any longer. I appreciate those that do take this hobby honestly and not just out to be the big winner. You have excellent rabbits and have had to work your herd up from losing it before. I commend you on what you offer to the rabbit world.

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