I can’t keep them all!  This page features notable rabbits that have moved on, and some of their accomplishments at their new homes. 

mcgrath1GC Lehmann’s McGrath

(Lehmann’s B21 x Lehmann’s D25) – 3 ARBA Legs

McGrath was one of the two Dutch I was able to rescue from the 2006 barn fire.  He was given to me in 2004 by Rick Lehmann, Rick had sold his entire herd except for a few little ones who were too small to go, and McGrath was one of these.  He showed well, but had tough competition in Bing.  He had excellent depth, head and bone, and passed this on.  McGrath is behind nearly all of my blues through grandson Midnight, who shows a lot of his best characteristics.


GC Briony’s Jagger

(GC Briony’s Bing x Doc’s Cream) – 7 ARBA Legs

Jagger was just as flashy as his namesake!  He made his debut on the show tables in early fall of 2010, and in two weeks racked up 4 Best in Show wins.  Jagger was the “banner boy” on the breed banners displayed at the 2010 ARBA Convention.  He sired a few litters and his lines continue in my herd.


GC Briony’s Storm

(GC Briony’s Midnight Rambler x Kathy’s KO5) – 3 GC Legs

Storm is a small, compact buck who is built like a little tank!  He’s short with lots of depth, a nice head and awesome bone and fur.   Despite his long stops and nasty saddle he still placed in the top 10 at the 2009 NDS.  His big moment came in the fur class, when as a last minute substitute he won Best Blue Fur and Best Fur Overall!  Before leaving Kansas, he sired BIS winner Briony’s Jewel.  He is now owned by Gene Knieling of Oregon and is producing some fantastic rabbits for him.  Storm is the sire of Knieling’s Satisfaction, a blue buck who continued the family tradition of national wins by taking BOSV Blue at the 2010 National Dutch Show!


GC Doc’s Sender

(GC Doc’s Jus’ Joe x GC Doc’s Savaunt) – 6 GC Legs

Sender was a purchase from the Seller’s Class at the 2010 Convention, donated by Scott Williamson of California.  His relatives have been very successful for me, so I’m looking forward to great things from him!  He has some marking flaws, but makes up for it with a hard, compact body, great stop placement, and laidback personality.  He produced 2 BIS-winning does for me (Coke and Sympathy and Fandango) before moving to the Northwest.



GC Briony’s Mr. Jimmy

(GC B&J’s Stroke of Midnight x Knieling’s Siren) – 12 ARBA Legs

Jimmy has quite the story.  He started his career off with a bang with a big BOB over 100 Dutch in Iowa, and continued to dominate through late 2013-early 2014.  He won a RIS in February 2014 as a very young senior (pictured), and continued to fill out and muscle up.  By March he took BIS in one show and Best 4 Class in another in Iowa.  At the time of those wins, he was already consigned to a benefit auction for Dee Ann Burkhalter, and was purchased by Lisa in Washington for $1150.  His last show with me was the 2014 National Dutch Show, where he was BOV Blue, Best Senior Overall and BOS.  It was hard to say goodbye to my first big National winner, but he left many promising litters and went to a great home.


GC Hume’s Izzy

(Emily’s Ben x Hume’s Dove) – 8 GC Legs

Izzy is owned in partnership with Gene Knieling of Oregon.  She was Kristy’s much-coveted Seller’s Class entry at the 2010 National Dutch Show who went for a record-breaking price after winning BOV Blue.  She went home with me for the first year, and as of 2011 is headed to the Northwest to join Gene’s herd.


Briony’s Skydiver

(GC B&J’s Stroke of Midnight x GC Briony’s Rocks Off)

Skydiver is a super deep doe with tremendous head and bone.  She had a fairly successful show career for me, however she was up against Merry and never able to beat her!  Her claim to fame is winning the Seller’s Class at the 2011 National Dutch Show and selling for a record-breaking price of $520!!  She is now a productive brood doe for John and Melody in Wisconsin.


GC Briony’s Rider

(GC Briony’s Midnight Rambler x Hawkeye’s Nicollet) – 4 GC Legs

Rider is a solid, compact buck with a great head and deep color.  He had some BOS/BOV wins locally, but his big win was 1st Blue Sr. Buck and Best Sr. Blue at the 2011 ARBA Convention in Indianapolis.  After the show, he  headed to his new home with Roger in Mississippi.  The pictures on his awards are half-sister Merry.


Briony’s Sweet Virginia

(GC Lehmann’s McGrath x Peters’ RH2)

Virginia is a typey, well-marked doe who always managed to be eclipsed on the show table by half-sister Dice. She’s a bigger doe who has a great combination of depth and bone, and is one of my best brood does.  She produced Midnight and is the grandmother of a lot of my winners.  She’s now in Iowa, and is still producing at age 6!

Dice Duncan 6-09

GC Briony’s Tumbling Dice

(GC Briony’s Bing x Peters’ RH2) – 7 GC Legs*

Dice was a gorgeous doe, and the first big winner out of my new herd. At her first show, the 2007 Missouri Dutch Club specialty, she won BOB with over 100 rabbits entered. She went on to take a 2nd and 3rd Reserve in Show before moving on as a brood doe.  Dice then came out of retirement (after raising 3 litters and while pregnant with #4!) to take 1st place and Best Sr. Black at the 2008 ARBA Convention!!  Besides being an outstanding show rabbit, she’s also produced two Best in Show winning daughters (Roxie and Jewel) by different sires.



GC Briony’s Rocks Off

(Hawkeye’s Eyecatcher x GC Briony’s Tumbling Dice) – 3 GC Legs

“Roxie” is a beautiful, massive doe.  She is the first Best in Show winner out of my new herd, taking that honor at the 2009 Kansas State Convention with almost 900 entries!  She retired to be a brood doe shortly after turning senior.  At 5, she’s still producing for her new owner in Iowa.


GC Briony’s Jewel

(GC Briony’s Storm x GC Briony’s Tumbling Dice) – 5 GC Legs

Jewel is a pretty little package combining the best traits of her parents.  She’s done very well, winning a BOB and BOS in tough competition.  At her last show she finally took top honors with a Best in Show!!  She was the first blue I raised to win this honor.


CokeGC Briony’s Coke & Sympathy

(GC Doc’s Sender x GC Briony’s Merry) – 4 ARBA Legs

Coke was the product of one of Merry’s first litters, and inherited her dam’s depth and sire’s bone.  She proved her own merit on the show table with a double BIS in September of 2012.  She’s now an excellent dam!


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