Through the Years

Here are some pictures from my years in rabbits!

Callie, my Tort doe who as a junior won BOB at the 1994 ARBA Convention in Tulsa


I was the 1997 ARBA Rabbit Queen. Back in my day, rabbit and cavy royalty were separate


My first BIS, at the 1998 Salt City show. Judges were Stan Pulliam and Bobby Walker. The rabbit is Mac’s Aphrodite, a black doe from one of my Dutch mentors, Wayne MacKinnon of Massachussetts. (I’ll miss you, Stan!)


After judging my first big show, the 2001 National Dutch Show, I fell asleep in a chair during seller’s class.  Don’t ever think that judging isn’t hard work!


Judging English Angoras in Japan


Judging youth Mini Rex at the 2006 ARBA Convention in Ft. Worth


Yes, this is me!  I’m working the nail gun and helping to build our new barn.



2 responses

1 05 2008

Hi! I love the blast from the past photos. It must have been really fun to judge in Japan.

24 11 2008
Romualdo Palacios

I was very impressed with your rabbit career. Perhaps I could tap into your rabbit knowledge, and get some guidance on my rabbit endeavors?


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