My Rabbit Story

My adventures in rabbits began in 1986 when my mom, a knitter and spinner, brought home a chocolate English Angora who I named Hershey.  I joined 4-H and in 1991 got my first Tort Dutch.  I was hooked,  later adding blues and blacks to the barn.  I was active in showing Dutch in both 4-H and ARBA shows and participating in the KSRBA and ARBA youth programs and contests.  I received my ARBA Registrar’s license in 1996 and my judge’s license in 2000 at the ripe old age of 19.  I have since judged all over the country and sometimes outside of it, at shows ranging from small county fairs to  ARBA Conventions to two shows in Japan.  I feel that as a judge, it is important for me to raise different breeds to learn about them.  My experiments include English Spots, Satins and Lilacs, but my heart belongs to the Dutch.  I share a barn with my mom, who raises Mini Rex in a rainbow of colors, including black, blue, chocolate, lilac; brokens and otters in those varieties, and a few Tris.

In 2006 we lost our barn and all but 4 rabbits (2 Dutch bucks and 2 Mini Rex bucks I was able to get out) in a prairie wildfire.  We have since rebuilt and thanks to the generosity of breeders around the country, our herds are better than ever.  For a few years, judging took precedence over breeding, but as I rebuilt I returned to my first love which was building a top-quality herd and striving to raise the ideal Dutch.  I never had a rabbitry name before, but influenced by my love of boutique shopping, I settled on Dutch by Briony for my new herd.  My rabbit names, which I am sometimes told are strange, are influenced by my love of music and mostly come from Rolling Stones songs and lyrics.

 I currently raise nationally competitive Black and Blue Dutch and, with breeding partner and friend Gene Knieling of Oregon, am working hard to bring my old favorites, the Torts, to the same level.  My side projects include Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla and Squirrel Mini Rex.  As I have never managed to finish a website, I will be using this blog as the online home for Dutch by Briony.  Welcome!


National Wins

  • Best Fur (Blue), 2012 National Dutch Show
  • Best Senior Blue/1st Blue Senior Buck, 2011 ARBA Convention
  • Best Blue/1st Blue Senior Doe and Best Fur (Blue), 2011 National Dutch Show
  • Best Fur (Blue), 2009 National Dutch Show
  • Best Senior Black/1st Black Senior Doe and Best Opposite Blue/1st Blue Senior Buck, 2008 ARBA Convention
  • 1st Black Junior Buck, 1999 National Dutch Show (Youth)
  • Best of Breed/Best Tortoise, 1994 ARBA Convention (Youth)

5 responses

1 05 2008

Hi!! Your blog is fantastic. Thank you for the link too. We had a great time visiting with you this past weekend. I am so excited about out blue mommas that are due. TTYL, Carolyn

16 07 2008
Leo Casados Jr.

Great picture of you and Jesse! Leo

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

7 12 2009

Your story very attractive and thanks visit your blog.

25 01 2011

My local clubs president (Mark Buckley of EARS) recently informed me that you are a Dutch breeder with some fantasic buns. I will be attending the Wetaskiwin show in February (2011) and absolutely can’t wait to meet you and pick your brain about the breed. I hope you’ll visit my website and see how I got started in the breed. I am just restarting my heard after about a two year break (in which time I had. Daughter) so my need for knowledge and dutch connections is vast.
Looking forward to meeting you next month (and following you on twitter :D)
-Alycia Swan

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